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Mike wrote on, 19-03-2014 |
Awesome Service. Friendly support. Sometimes it gets limited but overall they are very good. especially for a free service.
Carlos wrote on, 07-01-2014 |
3owl has never disappointed me. If I ever have any issues, support is always fast and polite in getting my issue resolved. The servers seem to always be up, and quick to load web pages. I definitely recommend it.
John Knapp wrote on, 02-01-2014 |
Worst service ever. I don't like it at all. The website keeps on killing my site with a page that says: "CPU Limit Exceeded" Forget support, barely a response in 4 days... Though they WERE good before, now they have become TO MUCH COMMERCIAL. POOR Services. I need something better. So I moved to a paid host. I had other companies that i tried but all of them sucked, I cannot remember the name of that ONE company, it was based on YouHosting, BUT, they were the BEST, I used them right after 3owl and the only problem was that they weren't offering enough disk space. Oh well...
Northern wrote on, 27-11-2013 |
shares the same server as freehostinghero. com and 1freehosting. com from this company Main-Hosting. com and even tho i ran ONLY E107 CMS with NO plugins the server always came up with "too many conections". Ive now hopefully found a great service else where to host a website
Tim A. DeVore wrote on, 26-11-2012 |
The customer service is the best I've seen from any hosting provider. I have been with Hostmonster, JustHost, and most recently Free Hosting Cloud. The last one just suspended my website for no apparent reason. All that was there was a splash page that I had just worked on two days before they suspended it. I sent them a ticket asking why and got no response for 5 days. I sent a follow up and told them to forget it, I don't even care why, and to delete my account. The next day my account was deleted. The first ticket I sent to the 3Owl support desk about an issue I was having was replied to in 15 minutes. As it turned out my ISP was blocking their servers. In talking to support at my ISP, they advised me to have 3Owl contact them to resolve the situation. The CEO of 3Owl sent them an email personally and copied me on it. I should mention that the CEO is a super nice guy and really cares about his clients as well as how his business is conducted. In the emails back and forth with 3Owl support, I never waited more than an hour for a reply and that was maybe just one. Most were a far shorter time than that. I completely understand that I'm not their only customer, but they sure made me feel like I was. If you want an excellent hosting provider with customer service that will far exceed your expectations then look no further that 3Owl.
Sialkotiboy wrote on, 24-11-2012 |
3owl is best for Hosting they give a lot of features.
3owl has the best feature of site builder.
I use the following site on 3owl made by there own site builder sialkotiboy.3owl.com I have created an bolg on it.
Gene E. Gulanes jr. wrote on, 24-11-2012 |
Very useful and easy to use especially with the websitebuilder
Brian Smith & Kadi Morand-Smith wrote on, 22-11-2012 |
3Owl.com is simply, without equivocation, THE BEST web hosting service we have ever seen!!
And we tried many, many others...all promising what ONLY 3Owl.com delivered: clean, fast, dependable web-site hosting: without tricks, traps or "hidden" requirements (that you only find out AFTER you've signed up).
AND...they pay attention: I've never seen faster customer service anywhere else...it is our opinion that what the world needs more of... is 3owl.com!!! God bless you 3Owl.com...you've PROVED that honesty and dedication to professional behavior, especially in the technical world of computers and internet can be a WINNING SUCCESS!
THANK YOU so much!!
Joshua wrote on, 15-08-3849 |
3owl is compatible to various modern CMS such as Joomla, whick I'm currently using right now. Since the first day working on my website, I do not encounter any big problems, just cpu quota exceeded, so BE SURE not to upload big files. OVERALL, 3OWL IS THE BEST AMONG THE REST!
tagiweb wrote on, 22-09-2012 |
very good free host. I've never had any problems with this web hosting for 10 months. Thanks to the entire 3owl.com team. Keep up the excellent service and continue the good work!
Naofal wrote on, 21-09-2012 |
This Host is really insane the best Free Web hosting i have even seen you automaticly a webhost without waiting for activation and other stuff Good job
arman wrote on, 28-08-2012 |
3owl is a very good hosting . its really unlimited and support is great . thank 3owl
Victor wrote on, 19-06-2012 |
I have had a website with 3owl.com for 3 months with a developing wordpress site. The installation went smoothly and the uptime has been almost perfect so far. There are limits on daily visitors (100 I believe) with the free account, but it is more than enough for starting a website and the upgrade is only $20 for a whole year. I am very pleases so far.
Hafidsama wrote on, 22-05-2012 |
This Hosting is full with errors
Plus , you don't get solution rather on Forum or on they Knowledge Database .
I always get an error :
"Unable to select the server. Please try again later (#0097). "

And I never and will find the solution
Paul wrote on, 15-03-2012 |
Sitio inmejorable para host. Siempre activo, ancho de banda ilimitado, ningun problema hasta el momento.
Archive wrote on, 15-08-3886 |
What do they mean by "Unlimited bandwidth"? The day after activating my account and uploading my website, I received the following email:

Your hosting account has been suspended. Details of the account are below:

Hosting Plan: Free
Reason: Abuse
Additional information: Website is overloading Web or MySQL servers. Info: Our shared hosting server is not designed to host such an active websites with thousands of visitors per day -- website received 30000 hits in last 12 hours. Website should be moved to VPS or a dedicated server.

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