Host-ed is a leading and innovative free web hosting provider with more than 100 000 customers. Not only that we are one of the few hosts that offer 10Gb disk space, 100GB traffic and Site builder, but PHP, Cgi Perl, ASP.NET, Ruby on rails, MySQL, Postgresql, email, Imap, POP3, DNS editing, cronjobs and many more.

In addition to that on all our servers we use cloudlinux - a specially designed operating system for shared hosting servers. It creates extra stability via a light weight visualization environment where all server tenants have their own allocated resources like CPU, RAM, Entry processes and MySQL intensity usage, so if a user's script is overusing the system resources it will not effect the performance of the entire server, instead the script will be slowed down (in some cases even temporary blocked) to the point it fits the allocated resources. In the past hosting companies were imposing unreasonable limitations just to limit those resources indirectly thus disabling vital functions and features on their free hosting platforms with this is just history.

We have also optimized and integrated easy user installation plugin for cloudflare in our control panes which is a globally load balanced content delivery network, for faster site performance.

With we get free hosting and users experience to another level.

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10000 MB
100 GB
POP3, Webmail
FTP, File Manager
SubDomain, Domain
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